Slide Rental

Look no further at your source for power at your next Party or Event! We now offer generators for rent. Each generator can handle 2 bounce houses.

$65 a day 

10' x 10' Party Tent

Fun Foods!

​The Tropical Island Combo will make the kids feel like they are playing at the islands. This island theme combo is full of wonderful colors. This combo has a spacious bounce area with a basketball goal. Then the kids get to  climb up to the top of the incredible 9 ft slide and then slide down. This combo can be used as a wet combo.

20' X 15' X 15'

$175.00 a day Dry

$225.00 a day Wet


Obstacle Course Rental

Bounce House Rentals

The C7  Bounce & Slide

The Disney combo is full a of adventure. The kids will be able to jump through the Magical World of Disney with a bunch of lovable characters. This combo has a spacious bounce area of  10' X 18'. Then the kids climb up to the 9 ft slide and go right back in the bounce area to keep the fun going. This combo also has a basketball goal and can be used as a wet combo. 

20' X 15' X  15'

$175.00 a day Dry

$225.00 a day Wet 

Inflatable Movie Theatre

​​Wet N Wild Tropical Slip N Slide

Pop Corn Machine

Includes enough supplies for 30 servings.


​The Tropical Island Bounce & Slide

Fire and ice slide

Rent 2 machines for $100.00

Rent 3 Machines for $150.00

Cotton Candy Machine

Includes enough supplies for 30 servings.Call for available Flavors.


Wet / Dry Bounce & Slide 

Our inflatable movie theatre will finish the event off with a BANG!  Enjoy a movie  or an awesome experience with a video game system!

This system  has the ability to connect via blue tooth to play music before the event and has a mic is equipped as well.

12' x 11.5'

Movie Theatre  $250

Movie Theatre w/ Pop Corn Machine $285

The Prince Castle is a spacious bounce house that has  plenty of room for children and adults to bounce. The  basketball goal  that is inside will add to the fun.  ​

13' X 13' X 15'

$140.00 a day

​The C7  Combo will enhance the fun at a birthday party or event.  This combo has a huge bounce area with a basketball goal. Then the kids get to run through the mini obstacle course and climb up to the top of the incredible 8 ft slide and then slide down. This combo can only be used dry. This combo is Huge!

19' X 22' X 15'

$200.00 a day Dry Only


Jousting Arena

Our Blue Crush Water slide will be seen way before the guest of the event or party arrive. Standing at 22 ft. tall the kids and adults will get an exciting ride down the slide into the huge pool. This slide can also be used dry. When used dry the pool will have an inflated bottom  for a soft landing.

40' X 11' X 22'

$375 a day Wet 

$325 a day Dry

​​The Castle Bounce & Slide

The Fun House  is a spacious bounce house that has plenty of room for kids to jump all around. 

15' X 15' X 15'

$140.00 a day

Sno Cone Machine

Includes enough supplies for 30 servings. Includes 5 different flavors. Call for available flavors.


From the hit TV show American Gladiators, the Gladiator Joust is a fun and competitive interactive that attracts large crowds.
Everyone will look and laugh as opponents try to knock each other off their pedestal with a big, soft-padded jousting pole. The giant inflatable arena allows the participants to fall onto a safe landing with no worries of injury. The Jousting game is guaranteed to create a competitive atmosphere to get teens, adults, and everyone involved.Renting the giant joust arena is guaranteed to make your gathering a success

25' X 25 X 4'

175.00 a day

The Castle  combo will add a kingdom of fun to any child's birthday party or event. The Castle combo offers a 11' X 13' bounce area with pop ups and a basketball goal. Then the kids get to climb up to the top of the incredible 8 ft slide and then slide down. This combo can be used as a water slide  with a soaker hose attached above the slide. 


30' X 13' X 15'

$175.00 a day Dry

$225.00 a day Wet 

​Event Games

Cannon Ball Blaster


Prince Castle

The King Castle

Our Monster Obstacle Course is set up for friendly competition play, with dual entrances and exits. It has a round front-loading obstacle entrance, taking participants through maneuvering pop-ups, over climbs and down the slides for an exciting race from start to finish. The inflatable Monster Obstacle Course then ends with a photo-finish pair of tunnels! Your guests are gonna love it!

33' X 11 X 10'

225.00 a day

The Disney Bounce & Slide

The King Castle  is a spacious bounce house that has plenty of room for kids to jump all around. It also has pop ups in the middle of the bounce house and a basketball goal. 

15' X 15' X 15'

$140.00 a day

The Fun House

​Blue Crush Water Slide

if you want to throw the hottest outdoor party in all of Virginia, then you need the fire and ice water slide! you will be as cool as ice with this inflatable water slide at your next birthday party, church event, or barbeque. The awesome design makes it an eye pleaser, while the long slippery slide and pool will keep you cool in the heat of summer. This awesome slide will heat up any party, at 22ft high and 40ft long, it will provide hours of fun for all ages. If you are ready to bring the heat to your next party, Jump n Fun's Fire and ice Water Slide should be your top choice!

​22' x 40' x 15'

$375 a day Wet 

Introducing the Cannon Ball Air blaster. A 4 player game that allows participants to shoot their opponents with super soft foam balls. No explosions or loud bangs. The cannons run on a gentle, constant air flow making this game totally safe. Turn the game into a competition by aiming at the provided targets to see what team of players can make the most targets. All ages will enjoy this amazing new game. Great for all ages and perfect for any event. Rent the Cannon Ball blasters today.

22' X 10' X 10'

$195.00 a day


"No Power? No Problem"

Do you Need a little extra shade for a good value? We've got you covered!

$25.00 a day

Our Wet N Wild Slip N Slide is sure to bring some excitement to any party our event. Kids and adults can run and race down the dual lane slides and splash into the huge pool at the end. The palm tree theme will set the mood of a relaxing day at the islands.

37' X 9' X 14'

$225.00 a day Wet  Only